Margie Schoedinger

Margie Schoedinger of Missouri city, Texas was suing George W Bush for rape of herself and her husband. Schoedinger was found dead and the judge ruled it suicide.


Schloedinger filed a lawsuit on 11th December 2002, asking for $50 million for “emotional distress, loss of freedom and ability to plaintiffs own dreams, alienation of effection from plaintiffs spouse, loss of privacy, being disparaged on the internet, and loss of plaintiffs ability to be a Christian writer. Schoedinger claims that Bush brutally raped and kidnapped her and her husband and drugged them both, in December of 2002 in sugarland, Texas and that he threatened to kill her.


On September 22nd, 2003 Margie Schoedinger was found with a shot to the head with a glock handgun, and it was declared a suicide. Her relatives have also disappeared and the lawsuit she filed was removed from the history of lawsuits in the state of Texas.


The strange death of the woman who filed a rape lawsuit against Bush

By Jackson Thoreau

Early one Saturday afternoon in July  2003, I made a simple phone call to Margie Schoedinger, a Texas woman who filed a rape lawsuit against George W Bush in December 2002. I expected to leave a message on a machine, so I was caught a little off guard when Schoedinger answered.

To be sure Schoedinger’s accusations which include being drugged and sexually assaulted numerous times by Bush and other men purporting to be FBI agents, are bizzaire and hard for most people to believe. But her story fits in with those told by a growing number of people, who say they were used as guinea pigs or whatever. By members of the CIA or another U.S agency, who wanted to test out the latest mind-controlling drug or have a strange form of release. And her death, lets just say government agents have made murders look like suicide before.

Brotherhood of secret societies

Anyways, Schoedinger said she was surprised the case wasn’t covered more because “it is true, people have to be accountable for what they do , and that’s why I’m pursuing it”.

A good book to read is Transformation of America by Cathy O’brien. As it tells her story of Rape by U.S presidents Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

Cathy O’brien’s daughter was raped by George Bush.

You can also see her on utube.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive 

Sir Walter Scott, Marmion



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