Darren Seals

On September 6th 2016 Darren Seals a Furguson protester and local activist was found murdered in St Louis. Seals had been found dead in a car,he had been shot to death before the car had been torched. Seals had only been 29 years old.
Seals wrote “Black death is a business. Millions and millions flowing through the hands of these organisations in the name of Mike Brown, yet we don’t see any of it coming into our community or being used to help our youth. I’ve been calling this shit for months. People see this as an opportunity to not only build a name but make bank at the expense of people like me.”

He was among few writers to clearly call out the division between the activists of the St Louis region and the broader Black lives matter movement.

St Louis had known Seals since August 9th 2014 the day Mike Brown was killed by officer Darren Wilson in Furguson. They knew him for confronting cops like police union official Jeff Roorda who flaunted his I am Darren Wilson bracelet shortly after after Browns death.

Black residents continue to be killed by police without repercussions, and the majority Black areas of the region remain disproportionately poor and strapped for resources.

Seal tweeted before he was murdered was a link to a video interview BGyrl did.

Seals said it was the “only interview telling the truth about Black lives matter and the Ferguson hijacking”.
Source: thecorrespondent.com

When I research black history I always see the similarities between USA and England. The majority’s of Black areas in England are also disproportionately poor and strapped for resources. I should of written the world. As advert after Advert on British television they are asking for donations. Showing starving black children in areas where there should be wealth. Where are all the resources of Africa going? If Africa kept their wealth diamonds, platinum, oil and the rest they would not be on adverts looking hungry.



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