Albertine Tshibilondi Ngoyi

The African woman is neither a mirror image of man nor a slave.
She feels no need to imitate men to express her personality.
Her work, her own genius, her preoccupations, her way of speaking, and her manners mask an original civilisation.
She has not allowed herself to be colonised by either men or male culture.
Albertine Tshibilondi Ngoyi

When I read the above I thought of Serena Williams. Serena recently said that she is drug tested more than anyone else for tennis. Serena is incredible every Wimbledon I am glued to the television to watch the best player in my opinion in the world, Serena is a class player. Serena is an African American player who through everything is still on top of her game. She can’t mirror a man as a man can’t have children. Serena can’t mirror a slave as those times we have Learned from and no one is going to put African Americans in the cotton fields. Serena has come so far her work, her genius is a credit to her hard work. Yes I write and research black history as I want to learn. Serena is an phenomenal testament to drive and hard work. She is the person to look to for her fantastic achievements.
Serena is not just playing Wimbledon her work is über physical. There is the French open where I heard her French is brilliant. Also the American open and the Australian open.
Another person straight out of Compton and Serena’s achievements are incredible.



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