Nkosi Johnson

Nkosi Johnson was a brave boy aged eleven, when he made a speech at the 13th international AIDS conference in Durban in July 2000 that shamed the world for ignoring the plight of the nearly five million South Africans infected with HIV. Eleven months later, he was dead.

Source open world the truth about globalisation: Philips Legrain p182

In England medication for HIV aids is available to all who requires it. Why in Africa is the policy no money no medication. If you have no money you die. It seems to me that African people are dispensable. Only used when their labour is free and can make money for parasites that use them. When they require treatment to live a life it’s not readily available to all that needs it.

Nkosi Johnson died in 2001. What has changed? Again black people used, abused, and uncared for.


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