Anthony Johnson

The planter from Angola is the title of chapter 11 of the book White Cargo.

Anthony Johnson, as the African came to be known, not only secured his freedom but also became a successful planter himself and went on to buy servants of his own, white as well as black. Thirty years after Johnson first touched American soil, he got into a dispute with a servant, a fellow African who was demanding his freedom. Johnson resolved it by persuading a court to enslave the man for life. This was one of the first cases of lifetime slavery being imposed in North America, a black man playing one of the villains in the ghastly tragedy that was beginning to unfold.
Source White Cargo/Don Jordan and Michael Walsh 2008

This book is interesting not just because Anthony Johnson
Was a slave owner. The book shows the dynamics of black and white slavery. African Americans were slaves for life however white slaves were slaves for a certain length of time. Also if white slaves did runaway they would be impossible to find. Obviously if a black slave ranaway their skin would show who they were. Even if they were free it would be hard to be believed. An interesting read on white slavery.image.jpg


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