Diante Yarber

‘Unarmed’ black man killed in Walmart parking lot by police officers firing dozens of bullets into packed car.

Dozens of gunshots can be heard in a shaky video recorded by a witness of the shooting, which also injured a young woman in the vehicle.

The shooting is the latest police involved shooting of black men to spark outrage locally and across the country after Northern California police shot and killed Stephon Clark weeks ago.

An attorney for the Yarber family said that the 26 year old was not armed at the time, and that the car, which police contend rammed into a first patrol car while reversing, before “accelerating” into a second, posed no risk to officers.
Source Clark Mindock/New York/Tuesday 17 April 2018/15:55

Diante Yarber was a father of three, another senseless killing leaving three children without a father. It’s like a lynching, all those black people who were lynched for being black. All these black men being shoot. It’s outrageous.


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