Antwon Rose

Antwon Rose 11, 17, was shot three times by a police officer in east Pittsburgh as he ran from the vehicle on Tuesday. The officer, whose name has not been released, has been sworn into the police department just a few hours prior to the incident.

Antwon, an honour roll student at Woodlands High school, had a “million-dollar smile”. Superintendent Lucia Lentz told CNN, adding that he was “a very bright young man” Who was enrolled in advanced placement classes.
Source Clark Mindock/New York/Thursday 21 june 2018/21:37

Police officer Michael Rosefeld charged over shooting of unarmed black teenager.

This is a small stride toward justice but we have a very long road ahead”, the Rose family’s attorney, Lee Merritt, tweeted. He added, “The family will settle for nothing less than a conviction and appropriate sentencing”
Source Emily Shugerman/New York/Wednesday 27 June 2018/17:48

Police in USA are supposed to protect and serve not to use African American males as target practice. Nothing from the mentality of slavery has changed for black people world wide, they are seen as lesser humans, and for those who think that’s wrong, read and learn. Remember Kayne saying 400 years was a choice he needs to read and learn, as black people world wide are living with a target on their back. 2018 and nothing has changed.


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