Lewis Hamilton

Black history month. Lewis Hamilton won his fourth championship making him britians best formula one driver. Which shows how his fathers hard work and encouragement has lead Lewis to realise his dreams well done Lewis

Lewis had a fantastic 2018 he won his fifth championship.

Pole sitter Hamilton went on to win the race in Adu Dhabi Grand Prix, where would champion Lewis Hamilton ended the year with an 11th  victory.

Hamilton was ‘taken hostage’ by Hollywood star Will Smith in a video spoof posted on social media.

‘Will is the original hype man and he brings a lot of energy. He is like a big brother to me’ said Hamilton.

’we were filming with him ten minutes before I got in the car, which I never do because that is a period of time where I’m usually getting ready. But I got a great start and then after that it was standard. I expected nothing but perfection’.

Hamilton’s year ending victory saw him become the first driver to break the 400-point barrier on a season.


metro Monday 26th November, 2018. By Adam Hay-Nicholls F1 correspondent.

we should be saying arise Sir Hamilton he is awesome.




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