Black history month in England, where a generation of west Indians came to build a better life for themselves . Some of them became married, had children and their dreams became realised. One of those people was my father, a hard working man who never claimed social security or had the need for social housing. My father worked hard for his family and gave us a good life. My parents decided to go back to Jamaica for their retirement. Last Sunday my father was gunned down when he was with my mother. I started this blog for the injustices that has happened to the black race. I championed black lives matter, when the NFL players knelt on their knees I was elated. The message of black lives matter was for all to see. The treatment of African Americans being gunned down like target practice was being thought provoked . Trump of course was his usual child minded self and couldn’t understand the message.


My father was gunned down by one of his own, it’s not enough for white people over the centuries to kill black people. Now some black people are stupid enough to do the White mans bidding. My father was asked for money which he didn’t have. They stole my mums bag, she also has no money. A senseless killing of a decent hard working man whose family is in tatters due to a black man murdering him. Love you always dad. I am devastated.



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