Rashan Charles

In America the amount of African Americans who have been shot and the police have got away with it is disgraceful. It is as though black lives don’t matter and nothing has changed since African Americans were bought over as slaves from Africa. That mindset of white people being some kind of hierarchy is ingrained in the brains of an establishment who think African Americans are some kind of target practice. These African Americans who are killed have families and a life worth living no one has the right to kill them as if they don’t  matter.

In England a young man Rashan Charles who was a father was chased by officers and died as a result of this chase. People took to the streets and rioted another black life lost. Black lives matter which is not seen time and time again. This continuation of racism which has is ingrained has to stop. A young dad who was 20 years old has lost his life leaving a family behind.



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