African Wisdom

Initiation rituals are essentially aimed at enabling the individual

to enter adult life by initiating him not simply into the physiological realities

but into those of social life and the world as well,

realities that he will not only need to recognize but also to be able to handle.

And insomuch as those realities are hard, burdensome, and often worrying, and not to say cruel,

So initiation rites need to be all of those things, too

Alassane Ndaw

I resently watched Alex Haley’s roots, his portrayal of the slave trade, through his family. He showed the life in the African village and how it took a village to raise the children. Also shown was the initiation rites of the boys becoming men, this all within the confines of a village raising the children. When these children were taken and sold into slavery the horrors of losing their name and identity into western ideals of the all American dollar. The slaves that were bought most recently from Africa still held on to their identities which helped Alex Haley write of his family heritage.

We must never forget whence we have come from, this integration into western society earning the money, it’s easy to forget that our ancestor’s  suffered for us to be where we are today. Yes it takes a village to raise children we as black people must educate our children so they can always tell the story of the horrendous beginnings, which as we can see has not been forgotten as black people are still being abused.



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