Billie Holiday

The anti-lynching song Strange Friut which was written by Able Meeropol who also wrote The house I live in.  Strange Fruit Southern trees bear a strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root, Black bodies swaying in the Southern breeze, Strange fruit hanging from the popular trees. Pastoral scene of the gallant South, The bulging […]

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Nina Simone

I watched the film what happened to Nina Simone her disappointment which was evident was that she was not a concert pianist. Simone trained with the piano since she was a child therefore she was more than capable of being a  concert pianist. The only reason she was denied playing was her colour. Simone spoke […]

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Mae Carol Jemison

Black history month USA is celebrated this month, Mae Carol Jemison was the first African American female to go to space. It’s important to see how far African Americans have come in a society which bought Africans to America for slave labour and to dehumanise men, women and children. Today there are many achievements which […]

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