CIA tip-off led to jailing of Mandela

In the Sunday times on may 15th 2016 Ivan Fallon wrote, A former CIA spy has revealed his key role in the arrest of Nelson Mandela, which led to the future South African president’s trial and imprisonment for almost 28 years.

The former CIA operative, Donald Ricardo,  was unrepentant, saying that when arrested in 1962 Mandela was ‘the world’so most dangerous communist outside of the Soviet Union’.

He made his taped confession in March to the director John Irvin. Rickard, 88, died two weeks after talking to Irvin. His disclosure clears up the 54 year old mystery of how the South African security forces knew precisely where Mandela, known as the ‘black pimpernel’, would be on the day they captured him.

Mandela was South Africa’s most wanted man. He embraced armed resistance to apartheid in the wake of the Sharpville massacre in 1960, when police had fired into a crowd, killing 69 people.

Rickard, who was officially the US vice consul in Durban, told Irvin he had learnt that Mandela was on his way to the city, the capital of Natal.

Rickard, who clearly had informers inside the ANC, was able to provide his police contacts with advance details of Mandela’s journey back to Johannesburg from Durban.

If Rickard had ‘gone rogue’ in 1962, then why did he retain his employment with the CIA until 1978? If his actions were authorised from Washington, then the Mandela family and the South African people may feel they deserve some sort of explanation and apology.

source; news review p27 The Sunday Times 15-05-16


What is alarming is that people in the ANC informed on Madiba Mandela. Strength in numbers against the atrocities that has happened to the black race, informing against each other leads to nothing but worse injustice. Madiba was imprisoned for the vast majority of his life. Apartheid was the degregation of black South African people, at this time African Americans were treated the same, this constant abuse needs to be addressed.





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