Jimi Hendrix

‘Jim came on very quietly to enormous applause. Then he said softly into the microphone, ‘This number is for a friend of mine.’ He then began an improvisation that had a beauty that was simply appalling. Immediately everyone knew that the friend was Martin Luther King Jr. , and this music somehow seemed to convey all the agony of the black people. The whole audience was weeping. Even the stadgehands just stood there with tears streaming down their faces. It was a lament for a great man, but it was the most harrowing lament, beyond anyone’s imaging. When he finished there was no applause. Everyone in this vast crowd just sat or stood sobbing, and Jim laid his guitar down and walked quietly off the stage.’

source: Jim Hendrix, The Man, The Magic, The Truth, Sharon Lawrence page 99

Black history month makes me research black people who have achieved greatness through a time of difficulty. When a black person, stands up for all black  people, with so much courage to the point of being killed for it, those black people tend to stand out more for being so courageous. In 2016 one would of thought it would of been easier to be that courageous, as the horrendous times of apartheid would of been a learning curve. However this obiously is not the case as power corrupts when some people attain power they seem to do nothing with it but just tow the line President Obama. Will a lot of people be sad when you leave the white house?  or just welcome the next puppet who will no doubt do the same as you nothing for the people who matter.



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