Philip Green the owner of topshop was labelled a billionaire spiv as MPs backed to move his knighthood. Criticism by Ian Wright the labour MP ‘one of the biggest corporate scandals of modern times. Sir Philip took the rings from BHS fingers beat it black and blue starved it of food and water put it in a life support and then wanted credit for keeping it alive’.

This sounds like Sir Philip Green has learned from families who were slave traders and owners and made huge amounts of wealth through the appalling use of  slaves he has learned through his masters. Philip Green may lose his knighthood however, he keeps his money. Slaves lost their name any means of earning money or a decent life for their families. They were also sold as cattle. As always the slave owners always get their compensation, slaves don’t.

Philip Green apologised in an, ITV interview for the ‘hardship and sadness’ which reminds me of all the apologies for the slave trade. Apologises do not give food on the table, and a decent life which Philip Green has in abundance.

Source Michael Savage and Deirdre Hip well p5 The Times 21 October 2016













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