Boko Haram Girls

Boko haram frees 21 kidnapped girls, oby ezekwesili, a former minister and one of the founders of the bring back our girls campaign, tweeter: “I can only weep, right now. You know that kind of cry that is a mix of multiple emotions. Lord. Some of OUR girls ARE BACK!” I have previously blogged about these girls that were kidnapped it’s fantastic that 21 girls are free. I hope that the rest of them will also be freed.

The abduction in April 2014 of 276 girls, mostly aged 16 to 18, from their school in chibok, borno state, bought global attention to the barbarity of boko haram, which at the time operated freely in huge swathes of northeast Nigeria . Dozens of the girls managed to escape the night they were taken , but 219 were taken into the bushlands. Source the times Friday October 14th 2016 by Jeremy Kelly Abuja  we must always remember these girls it was harrowing to watch on tv however it must be horrendous for the families.

Source the times Friday 14th October 2016 by Jeremy Kelly Abuja  p34



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