Rap Music

It’s not possible to have black history month and not mention the poetry of black people which is rap music the poetry of the streets. The power of words which to some people as important as Shakespeare. When I heard rappers delight  I learned the lyrics which I remember to this day. Rappers today have the message of the environment in which we live in the injustices still of the black people of the world. Philando Castile was shot in July 2016 which was recorded by diamond Reynolds. Eric garner was questioned on suspicion of selling cigarettes without a licence, after saying he couldn’t breath with police officers around him he died. Trayvon Martin was also shot. Black rappers rap about these injustices that black people live with on a daily basis. Rappers such as Jay z, kendrick Lamar, ice cube, notorious BIG, amongst many others have taught the world through their lasting lyrics about how the powerless has gain power through their lyrics. This same connection can be understood through worldwide injustices. This a voice to the voiceless.

# blackhistorymonth


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