Poking The Bear

Another shooting in America by the police the African American male had his hands in the air in an non threatening behaviour and yet he was shoot. What are the African Americans  target practice for the police. This poking the bear syndrome will escalate worldwide as in England the organisation Black Lives Matter protested on police brutality.

It is obvious to all that hatred for African Americans is a serious issue. What is the solution? Do African Americans have to purchase bullet proof cars and wait for an attorney to show up before they leave their cars. It’s outrageous this racist mentally exist in 2016.

Barack Obama has been a house slave doing the will of his white masters instead of caring for his fellow African Americans. He has African American children does he really think that excludes them from police brutality, no it doesn’t the police only see a black  face and fire.

There is no respect for African Americans as far as the police are concerned. Black  lives matter not to the police but to the black community who live in fear as to who is next. This butchery has to stop this poking the bear syndrome is serious. Killing an innocent man is murder yet the police seem to get away with it. You can only poke a bear for so long, after a while it retaliates.



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