Harriet Jacobs

When researching Harriet Jacobs I found that there were similarities between Harriet and Anne Frank. Both these women had to hide from tyrannical regemes. Jacobs was forced to leave her children with the slave owner who was abusing her. Frank had to hide with her family from the Nazi’s. Both were as Gayatri Spivak an Indian scholar, literary theorist and feminist critic wrote of the subaltern who are people without a voice. Spivak wrote about sati which is an obsolete Hindu funeral custom where a widow immolation herself on her husband’s pyre, like slaves and Jewish people they had no voices, they were abused by peole who thought they were superior. As a rule slaves were not educated as their roles were to be domestic or field slaves. Jewish people in Nazi control were put in concentrated camps and therefore not many accounts of their plight survives. However, Jacobs and Frank managed to write about their ordeals,  Jacobs wrote an autobiography under the pseudonym of Linda Brent and Frank wrote a diary of her time hiding with her family. Both giving us knowledge of their plight in their life when both were dominated by oppression, same mentality, patriarchal dominance.

Anne Frank being Jewish, was persecuted by the Nazi’s and Jacobs was doubly marginalised black and a woman.

Jacobs had two children with Samuel Tredwell Sawyer (1800-1865), he studied law and was admitted to the bar he became a member of the state of representatives 1829-1832. Sawyer served state senate in 1834 and was elected as a whig to the 25 congress March 1837-March 3rd 1839. The point here is that as a white male he had all the advantages of progressing comfortably through life.

Jacobs eventually made it to New York and yet she was still pursued by her slave owner. Jacobs a black woman had no advantages and left her book in order for people to gain knowledge.





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