Sickle Cell

Featured in The Voice newspaper on October 15th-21st 2007 was an article on Sickle Cell. The author Neville Clarence founded the first sickle cell charity and self help group in Britain. He spent three decades campaigning for better awareness and treatment of sickle cell disorder. About twelve thousand people have full blown sickle cell disorder […]

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Haile Selassie

According to Ethiopia constitution, the emperor was decended directly from the marriage of Solomon and Sheba. Selassie had ruled Ethiopia since 1916 first as regent, then as emperor from 1930. Under the civil code of Ethiopia, promulgated in 1967 tenants were required to pay 75% of their produce to landlords, to provide free labour for […]

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Harriet Jacobs

When researching Harriet Jacobs I found that there were similarities between Harriet and Anne Frank. Both these women had to hide from tyrannical regemes. Jacobs was forced to leave her children with the slave owner who was abusing her. Frank had to hide with her family from the Nazi’s. Both were as Gayatri Spivak an […]

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Turner was a British artist who painted the picture of a slave ship. The title of this particular painting is Slave ship slavers Throwing overboard the dead and dying, Typhoon coming on. This painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1840, Turner paired it with a poem which was unfinished and unpublished which was […]

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