Angela Davis

Angela Davis was born on January 26th 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama. Davis is an American political activist, scholar, and author. Davis wrote several books which included women, race and class (1980), and are prisons obsolete? (2003). Davis studied at the sorbonne, she has been involved in movements for economic, racial and gender justice over many decades. She was once described by former United States President Nixon as a “dangerous terrorist” and banned from ever teaching again in the university of California by Ronald Reagan then governor of California. Davis now is a professor Emerita in the feminist studies department at the university of California.

Davis was asked about her opinion on the current state of race relations in the United States.

“That is a difficult question to answer, primarily because there has never been in the entire history of the United States dating back to the aftermath of slavery, a serious, sustained conversation on how to purge the country of the multiple influences of racism. I don’t even know whether we can talk about race relations because it’s  not so much about relations between races, it’s about  the deeply entrenched racism  that inhabits all of the social stuctures in the United States”.

In researching I found that white superiority has been the forefront of education.  The ethos of the umbermench and all others being inferior. Cecil Rhodes set up the Rhodes scholarship to have educated leaders to teach his ideology to selected people. Bill Clinton went on to be president of the United States. Margaret Thatcher went to Oxford university and she became Prime minister. It’s a structure of white hierarchy ideals which create white people thinking they can racially abuse football players on the pitch. Oprah Winfrey in a shop in Switzerland which told her she couldn’t afford a handbag when obviously she can. It matters not of wealth,  all black people are deemed the same so, therefore they are treated the same. Davis is right the deeply entrenched racism inhabits all of the social structure not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Obviously psychology conditioning has been taught, or the statue of Albert pike the founder of the Ku Klux Klan would of been removed by now. As over the generations racism would of been deemed highly offensive obviously not Pikes statue still stands. Racist conditioning has prevailed, Barack Obama has not got a backbone to remove this racist statue, which beggars the thought that he is a just a puppet? Is he allowing the umbermench to control his wife and children. Shame on you.



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