Prior to the Greek use of the word “Egypt, Africans referred to their country as Kemet which was written Kmt. The first symbol is biliteral, that is, it stands for two letters and means “black.” Pictorially it is a charred piece of wood; phonetically, it represents KM. The second symbol is a monoliteral; that is, it stands for the consonant M. The third symbol pictorially a loaf, is another monoliteral that stands for the consonant T. The fourth symbol is a determinative, which represents the plan for a village, city or nation. Thus, the word KMT or Kemet means “the country of the blacks” and not “the black soil” as some have suggested.

source; Anthony T. Browder,  p52 Nile Valley

It’s not widely taught at schools,  universities and colleges the name Kemet. History books were written by the ruling elite which did not tell the true story of black history. Therefore, it’s necessary to correct and teach. Africa is the bread basket of the world, and could maintain themselves if it wasn’t for the likes of Rhodes who took the minerals. Therefore, taking away the substantial living Africans could have had. Therefore, It would be unnecessary of the yearly red nose day, which collects money for African people. Rhodes scholarships have been awarded for over a century, students have been able to obtain a degree from an elite university on money that should be for African people. Instead the statue stands and shows dominance of a race who stripped Africa of people for free labour and minerals to better themselves. Rhodes statue must come down, it stands for everything abhorrent.




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