Barack Obama

Decisions we make define who we are. Allowing the statue of Albert Pike the founder of the Ku Klux Klan to remain in the eight years you have been president is a disgrace for all black people. Which has defined who you are, a puppet for your controllers. Excepting the presidency and doing nothing take […]

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Angela Davis

Angela Davis was born on January 26th 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama. Davis is an American political activist, scholar, and author. Davis wrote several books which included women, race and class (1980), and are prisons obsolete? (2003). Davis studied at the sorbonne, she has been involved in movements for economic, racial and gender justice over many […]

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Just outside Bristol, in the countryside of south Gloucestershire lies the small village of Codrington. It shares it’s name with the capital of an Island in the Caribbean Barbuda. The slave trader Christopher Codrington in 1649 emigrated with his family to Barbados. In 1684 his son founded a sugar estate at Betty’s Hope in Antigua. […]

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Harriet Tubman

The Jesuit’s are the sub division of Catholics in which Pope Francis is a member.¬†Harriet Tubman was a slave born in Maryland in 1820. During this time Jesuit’s were the largest slave owners in Maryland. On October 16th 1771,¬†the Priest of St. Joseph’s church Father Joseph Mosley made the following entry in the baptismal register […]

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Prior to the Greek use of the word “Egypt, Africans referred to their country as Kemet which was written Kmt. The first symbol is biliteral, that is, it stands for two letters and means “black.” Pictorially it is a charred piece of wood; phonetically, it represents KM. The second symbol is a monoliteral; that is, […]

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