Malcolm X

At the beginning of Spike Lee’s film on Malcolm X we hear, brothers and sisters I charge the white man as the biggest murderer on the earth, I charge the white man as the biggest kidnapper on the earth. There is no place where he has created peace and harmony, everywhere is havac and distruction. I charge him as the biggest robber and enslaver on this earth. He can’t deny the charges, you and I are proof of those charges. He didn’t say black man, black woman come over here, he said nigger get on the bottom of the boat. We are the victims of no democracy, we have never seen democracy only hipocracy the American nightmare.

In 1946 Malcolm X was sent to prison where he was recruited into the Nation of Islam. Which is the same for some Rhodes scholars who are sent to Oxford university for a bigger purpose. Manley was a Rhodes scholar and went on to be prime minister for Jamaica and Bill Clinton another Rhodes scholar went on to be president of the United States.

On page 340 of the biography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley it says. Since slavery, the American white man has always kept some handpicked Negroes who fared much better than black masses suffering and slaving out in the hot fields. The white man had these ‘house’ and ‘yard’ Negroes for his special servants. He threw them more crumbs from his rich table, he even let them eat in his kitchen. He knew that he could always count on them to keep ‘good massa’ happy in his self-image of being so ‘good’ and ‘righteous’. ‘Good massa’ always heard just what he wanted to hear from these ‘house’ and ‘yard’ blacks. ‘You’re such a good, fine massa!’ Or, ‘Oh, massa, those old black nigger field hands out there, they’re happy just like they are; why, massa, they’re not intelligent enough for you to try and do any better for them, massa’.

Some women protested in South Africa as they didn’t have toilets, they were squatting outside. In Zimbabwe women were complaining that they couldn’t afford sanitary towels and they were using twigs which were injuring themselves. Are these women happy like they are? Obviously they are intelligent it’s the economic structure that is not filtering through to them.

Who controls the past, controls the future, who controls the present, controls the past

George Orwell

White supremacy controlled the past, future and present.

Germany television documentary in late 2000 exposed the secret life of a former nazi war criminal who spied for the American central intelligence after the second world war in return for a fake Jewish identity. He was Gunther Reinemar, an SS lieutenant who commanded death squads at Trebling concentration camp. He was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Jews the documentary said that he was given the identity Hans-George Warner by the CIA. He later married a Jewish woman, lived in Israel and was buried in a Jewish cemetery. He confessed in 1988 shortly before he apparently committed suicide. His statement formed the basis of the documentary Wagners confessions.

Oh what a tangled Web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Malcolm X was such an intelligent man, he saw things which was going on around him and told honestly the injustices which were going on at the time. The nazi party went to South Africa to give advice on apartheid. The way that the Jewish people were treated became a blueprint for South Africans. These injustices continue today the statue of Rhodes has to be removed as the oppression it stands for is mental cruelty.










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