Indian Wells Tournament

Attorney/Historian Legrand Clegg said:

As long as the world is dominated by white people, as long as those white scientists, who now claim that there is no validity to the study of race,  continue to practice racism socially and academically and, most important, as long as the black race bears, the universal badge of inferiority forced upon it by scientists who have distorted or, suppressed black history, we shall prominently focus on it, wherever and wherever the truth can be told until sincere men of science return the black race to it’s former position of respect and reverence on the earth.

Wednesday 23rd March 2016 on page 59 of the newspaper I, there was an article by Paul Newman regarding the Indian Wells tournament. Newman wrote, Indian Wells likes to think of itself as the most important tornament after the four grand slams. The tournaments image had been tarnished by a 13 year boycott by the Williams sisters following claims of racial abuse by spectators, but Serena finally returned last year and was joined at this year’s event by Venus.

Also in Newman’s article Raymond Moore the 69 year old South African who caused outrage with his comments about the women’s  game riding on the “coat-tails” of the men. Moore said “if I was a lady player, l’d go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport”.

In my opinion the best women’s tennis players of all time are the William sisters try are being doubly marginalised by being black and women. Which is instilled by white supremacist education. In reality there is only one race “the human race”, which has been proven to have originated in Africa. Oxford university is a place of education. The statue of Rhodes must come down and educate England that Rhodes thought process is a thought of the past. Not mental cruelty as they continue to do.



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