Rhodes statue must go!!!

Cecil Rhodes was a man who went to south Africa and duped the Africans out of their minerals notably diamonds and gold. He created De beers along with Nathaniel de Rothchild who was a bigger shareholder than Rhodes in 1899 the Rothschild share was twice that of Rhodes. When the maxim gun company was established in November 1884 Lord Rothschild was on its board. In 1888 his bank financed the 1.9 million merger of the maxim company with the nordenfelt guns and ammunition company.

Rhodes statue in South Africa has been pulled down as it was offensive. Oxford university must follow suit as the statue of Rhodes is inflammatory. Albert Pikes statue in Washington DC also has to go as it beggars belief that a man who was the founder of the KKK has his statue in Washington and Barack Obama has not had the statue removed. The world would be astonished if there was a statue of Hitler in Israel yet the statue of Pike still stands.



4 thoughts on “Rhodes statue must go!!!

  1. I completely agree with this. Barack Obama should of taken down the statue ages ago. Thank you for pointing out the truth. #rhodesmustfall

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