Malcolm X at Oxford University

Touching down in London on December 1st 1964, Malcolm X spent some of the next few days preparing for his most significant UK appearance, an event at Oxford university on the third. The sudden union had invited him to defend, in a formal debate Barry Gold water’s statement that “extremism in the defence of liberty […]

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Black lives matter

Watching the OJ Simpson trial on television, racism raises it’s  head frequently. Institutionaliased racism is a constant. Donald Trump wanting to be president of the United States is unbelievable, as his racist comments incite hatred, we can only think that this is a ploy to get Hillary Clinton as president. Before Mau Mau, no one […]

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Malcolm X

At the beginning of Spike Lee’s film on Malcolm X we hear, brothers and sisters I charge the white man as the biggest murderer on the earth, I charge the white man as the biggest kidnapper on the earth. There is no place where he has created peace and harmony, everywhere is havac and distruction. […]

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Fair Trade

Fair trade contributes to the alleviation of poverty in the South through establishing a system of trade that allows marginalized producers to gain more direct access to Northern markets. This alternative trade builds on the producers’ skills and enables communities to play an active part in their own development, while at the same time satisfying a consumer demand in […]

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Indian Wells Tournament

Attorney/Historian Legrand Clegg said: As long as the world is dominated by white people, as long as those white scientists, who now claim that there is no validity to the study of race,  continue to practice racism socially and academically and, most important, as long as the black race bears, the universal badge of inferiority […]

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Invisible Man

Invisible Man is a book written by Ralph Waldo Ellison who was born in Oklahoma in 1914. At the age if nineteen he won a scholarship to study music at the Booker T. Washington Tuskegee institute. In 1936 he went to New York and there he met the black writers Langton Hughes and Richard Wright. […]

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Black Consciousness

As we meet here today, we should remind ourselves that we are living in an asymmetric world where Africa and its resources continue to be plundered and the plight of the African people continues to be reality. As we gather for this 16th Annual Steve Biko Memorial Lecture we are all conscious of the fact that Africa is […]

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