Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan on good morning Britain said he had drinks with Meghan Markle, as he is a fan of suits and of course race is mentioned. Meghan can’t just be seen as an intelligent feminist who will marry prince Harry. When will there be a time when we are just seen by the content of […]

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Fall from grace

Previously I have written about a lady called tabitha who was voted woman of the year due to her highlighting the fact that sanitary towels were too exspensive in Zimbabwe . She feared for her life for exposing the welfare of women. Grace Mugabe the wife of Robert Mugabe was a different kind of woman […]

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Thou shalt not kill

Light and dark of this years black history month the light of the achievement of hard work in both Lewis Hamilton and my dad. The dark of thou shalt not kill a murderer killing my dad who has not had the decency in honouring human life. I will end on this, ‘thou shalt not kill’, […]

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Lewis Hamilton

Black history month. Lewis Hamilton won his fourth championship making him britians best formula one driver. Which shows how his fathers hard work and encouragement has lead Lewis to realise his dreams well done Lewis #lewishamilton

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Black history month in England, where a generation of west Indians came to build a better life for themselves . Some of them became married, had children and their dreams became realised. One of those people was my father, a hard working man who never claimed social security or had the need for social housing. […]

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Jamaica Independence

When I think of Jamaica and the famous people who have stood out for me, I think of Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. Great ambassadors for Jamaica. In the lyrics of Bob Marley’s song ‘Redemption Song’ he has the words that express Jamaica for me. Old pirates yes them rob I Sold I to the […]

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Rashan Charles

In America the amount of African Americans who have been shot and the police have got away with it is disgraceful. It is as though black lives don’t matter and nothing has changed since African Americans were bought over as slaves from Africa. That mindset of white people being some kind of hierarchy is ingrained […]

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